Mascot as an emotional element of brand identity and communication Visual study

The study↗ focuses on the mascots that are the basis of visual communication and brands' identity from different industries.

Magika Identity, Web, Industrial

Brand concept, visual identity, industrial design and digital environment for eternal stationery expanding ways to act with notes and drawings.

Posted on 15.07.2020 Interface, Web, Mascot is a regional telecommunications company in Dubna. The new website was developed as part of rebranding along with Apus↗ design team for the specific tasks of the company, including the promotion of Internet + TV services.

Atto Industrial, Identity

Atto is a sports bracelet designed to provide athletes with the most accurate results of their training.

FONT XYZ Font, Identity

Monospace display font based on square grid and inspired by technical typography.

Posted on 9.05.2020 Interface, E-store, the largest electronics retailer in St. Petersburg, teamed up with agency for redesign of its online store.

Moonhub Interface, Product

MoonHub provides news, cryptocurrency prices and charts, makes it possible to communicate with the community, manage your portfolio and even watch memes on one platform.

Salaris Interface, Web

Salaris is a large shopping and entertainment center located in Salaryevo, New Moscow. By the opening of the mega mall, the agency↗, together with the client's team, created and launched a website with sections of shops, services, cinema, entertainments, interactive map and others.

Milden Interface, E-store

Conception of building materials online store.

Posted on 21.04.2020
Protargol Interface, Web

Protargol is a new medicine for the treatment of the common cold in children of all ages. Together with Alvils, Kirov Pharmaceutical Factory and Apus↗, an identity, packaging and website was created to bring the product to the Russian market.

Spiritus Interface, Web

Spiritus is an expert in logistics and alcohol production. After creating the new brand, the agency’s↗ task was to develop and launch company website. The website tells about the history and services of the company, the process of production of alcoholic drinks, and also shows a catalog with its own brands.

Posted on 12.04.2020
Go Park Interface, Web

New website for the Go Park sports center. Class schedule, news, personal account, personal trainer cards – the website has all the necessary sections and training information for clients.

Posted on 11.04.2020
VSF Interface, Web

Corporate website for a real estate developer in Russia.

Posted on 10.04.2020